Personal Loan for Shopping

Well, shopping is closely related to happy emotions in us. It is always during window shopping that we remember the important things to buy. Sometimes, you may run out of your pocket to replace your old appliances. Personal Loan for Shopping is a great savior in supporting you to buy anything at the moment while you pay your dues later. Instant loan dispersal, getting your loan approved at the quickest possible time are the most valued services given to a customer. This has made things easier than before.

Personal shopping loans are a great alternative to buy any product through EMIs. While EMI may apply to a specific product at a time, shopping loans work in a whole different way. The loans are directly credited to your registered account, making it flexible to withdraw any amount needed to purchase. Though personal loans for shopping are unsecured loans but are best suited for shopping anywhere and in any outlet. Often the financial institutions are tied up with famous brands and shopping-marts to provide the best deals.

Often paying a lump-sum amount all at once seems a burden and may impact your calculations for liquid cash. Stashfin shopping loans brings you a great solution to all your purchase and shopping hassles with instant loan approval, realistic and flexible loan amount, least verifications protocols and obviously, no hidden charges implied. Supporting people with loads of money for years and gaining expertise, Stashfin shopping loan has been recognized by diverse loan partners in the financial industry.

Eligibility Criteria for Personal Shopping Loans

Instant personal loan for shopping has never been this easy. Fortunately, the eligibility criteria for Stashfin shopping loans makes the smallest of the list you need to look at.

  • To be eligible for personal shopping loans, the individual must be aged above 18 years.
  • The minimum take-home salary for the applicant to meet the eligibility criteria is ₹15,000 per month. Necessary documents are required to verify the amount.

Personal Shopping Loan Features & Benefits

Applying for a loan and then getting it approved is never an easy task. The critical process takes weeks to approve your credit amount, even if it is for a mere amount. But, some facts make Stashfin shopping loans class apart from other lending vendors.

  • Get instant approvals with zero hassle-free follow ups. Submit all the required documents and wait for minutes to know your eligibility and application status.
  • Now shop whatever you want. With Stashfin you can avail a shopping loan of up to ₹5 Lakh at a time.
  • Adding to its uniqueness, Stashfin really walks you out of the documentation hassles that you usually face. Upload a minimum document to get your loan approved.
  • Along with the most competitive interest rates for any shopping, you only need to pay the interest that you see on your screen. No hidden charges applied.
  • Get the most exciting offers of cashback, discounted with trusted partners and get a chance to earn rewards at every credit purchase. It only gets better!
  • Keeping customer security on a top-scale priority, Stashfin’s encrypted database system and secured payment gateway ensure reliability and safer transaction of money.

Now you no longer need to restrain yourself while buying your favorite brands or worry about any occasions. Stashfin shopping loan has you covered anytime you are in need. So, without limiting your shopping mode and burning your pocket, get your Stashfin Visa Credit Line card today! Only the best prices await you, with the most affordable EMIs, just a click away from you.