Low Interest Loans

We can never deny that borrowing money comes with a pain in the pocket. The interest rates that are normally charged by money lenders make a huge difference in the final payable amount. Though it often blinks out of our mind, given to the fact that these high-interest amounts are paid over a longer period of time broken into EMIs. But when compounded together, the total amount will be a lot more than the actual amount. Low interest loans are the only answer to these situations bringing down the interest rates to below 12% for long term investments. Short term credits have their way of adding processing fees, balance transfer fees and foreclosure charges.

The annual interest charges vary from lenders to lenders. Most of the banks and financial institutions have an average interest rate of 10% and above. This makes it harder for an individual with mediocre income to deal with personal loans; only making their lives harder. Low Interest personal loans have interest rates much lower than usual with flexible term options. Online low interest loans are the best options for shorthand cash or medium-scale expenditure required for a shorter period of time.

Now, how about an instant personal loan with a minimum interest rate that doesn't burn your pocket? StashFin, a well known financial institute, brings you the best options of availing personal loans at the least possible interest. Low-interest personal loans from StashFin surely come with instant approvals with least documentation hassle. No more worrying about payback terms, pay only what it shows with minimum interest rates safeguarding your lending occupancy.

Eligibility Criteria For Low Interest Personal Loans

StashFin's customer-centric approach does save a lot for you. Applying for low interest loans on the mobile app makes things easier. The list for eligibility criteria includes just the following two,

  • You are eligible if you are 18 years of age or older.
  • Setting the slab as low as possible, the minimum income should be ₹15,000 per month for instant approval through StashFin App.

Low Interest Loan Features & Benefits

Delivering the best features of lending money is a promise StashFin offers to all its customers. Here are the best features of a low interest loan of StashFin, all under one umbrella.

  • Saving you most of the hassle and time, StashFin offers instant loan approval and decision for any amount between ₹1000 to ₹5,00,000. This is great support at times of emergency.
  • "Never better before" can be a phrase to define StashFin's low EMI rates for any tenure you are convenient with. Payback what was credit and a small amount at each interval.
  • While others are struggling with huge documentation and verification, smartly get your credit. StashFin cuts down to the least documentation required, i.e. your age and income status.
  • You get your loan processed with absolute transparency. StashFin low interest app shows you all the amount and loan details before you apply for it.
  • StashFin's advanced solution has brought people more closure to the digital economy. Apply for your loan through StashFin's mobile app or website and get instant approval without putting a step out.
  • A wide spectrum of EMI payment tenures makes things just awesome. Payback your debt with term windows from 2 months to 3 years.

The sooner, the better! If you are here reading all along, try giving it a shot. Apply for personal loans with lucrative interest rates from StashFin and get instant approval.