Consumer Durable Loan

Consumer durable loans have always seen a huge demand in the markets and as the digital world is dominating the entire globe, the need for possessing consumer durables have even increased more. To define what consumer durable loan is, it states the alternate finance option to help countless customers buy household items like washing machines, LED TVs, air-conditioner grocery microwaves, furniture, clothes or refrigerators.

Be it buying a washing machine to match up to your washing conveniences or adding an extra dose of entertainment by buying a giant LED screen, the rising prices and cutting edge consumer demand have led to the blissful inception of the best home appliances loan. The very thought of relaxing after a hectic day in a comforting, cool air-conditioned room, with the ignorant avoidance of the sultry summers hovering outside gives you a feeling which is more than just happiness!

However, the heavy price tags attached to these home appliances call for sufficient liquid cash and that is exactly what cuts out a majority section of people from enjoying their share of happiness. But not anymore with Stashfin consumer durable loan; with a sound reputation and years of expertise in standing out as one of the widely chosen loan partners in the money lending industry, Stashfin resolves all your concerns when it comes to buying consumer durables.

Affordable consumer durable loan from Stashfin allows you to spread out the actual heavy cost of the appliances you wish to buy over a course of time and gives you the easy remittance to pay off your monthly dues with your steady flow of income. Stashfin’s personal loan for consumer durables comes with easy payable tenure windows with the lowest interest rates.

Eligibility Criteria for Consumer Durable Loan

  • Personal loan consumer durables offered by Stashfin is allowed for any individual of 18 years and above.
  • The applicant for Stashfin’s personal loan for consumer durables must have a minimum take-home salary of ₹15,000.

Consumer Durable Loan Features & Benefits

  • The best part about availing consumer durable loans from Stashfin is its competence in offering you with instant approvals.
  • When opting for consumer durable loan with Stashfin you get offer access to a credit line up to ₹5 Lakh.
  • To help our valuable customers to avoid any unnecessary documentation hassles, we have kept the process to limited documentation.
  • Pay for the interest rates for home appliances loan only the amount that you see on your screens.
  • With lowest EMI rates for your consumer durable loan, you also get rewards earning credit purchases.
  • Our encrypted payment gateways and highly confidential customer database ensure absolute safety and security when you are availing the consumer durables loan with Stashfin.

Thus, why worry anymore when you are out to buy your most awaited home appliances. Don’t limit to only a website or a store, get the Stashfin Visa Credit Line card in your pocket today! Not only do you get the best prices for all consumer durables but also experience the instant buying option with flexible EMI options at a single click.